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Travel guides

Madeira Travel Guide

Madeira, Portugal's Flower Garden

Wonderful group of islands close to Africa offering splendid views to the traveler. The main island of Madeira and another one called Porto Santo are the most visited parts of this autonomous archipelago.

Beautiful nature, flower gardens, great food and kind hospitality. And if that's not enough, you can take a trip to the Porto Santo Island and enjoy the beach.



Andorra Travel Guide

Andorra, a Tiny State in the Pyrenees

Located between France and Spain, with Catalan as official language, this tiny state only has 71.000 inhabitants. A tiny nation with a solid economy primarily based on the services sector.

Andorra attracts hikers, bikers, mountaineers of all sorts, as it lies in one of Europe's most well known mountain range, the Pyrenees.



Macau Travel Guide

Macau, the Gambling Capital of Asia

Tiny and rich, colourful Macau with its size 38 times smaller than that of its neighbour, Hong Kong is an emerging tourist destination.

A cramped place with many people, colourful advertisements and old Portuguese architecture. Learn more about Macau in this article.




Trinidad & Tobago

"Trinbago" or Trinidad and Tobago

An exotic island group just off the coast of Venezuela. Attractive with its beaches, local music, carnivals, offers opportunities for those wanting to take boat trips in the Caribbean Sea.

Trinidad and Tobago is a less known destination, but interesting and worth visiting if you travel to the Caribbean region. We'd like to share advice and information about its attractions. Enjoy!


Other issues regarding travel...


Last Minute Travel Advice

Cheaper Prices on Last Minute Travel!

Late booking is spreading among travelers, as it can spare a lot of money, but sure is risky. You have to hunt for discounts a short time before travelling.

If you would like to know the secrets behind successful last minute booking, then you have to check this article and extract the essences from it. You will then have earned enough knowledge to book later and cheaper than your friends!


Solitary Travel, Backpacking Advice

Put Together a Solitary Trip!

Like to travel alone? You can have more freedom, more time for yourself and you will only have to spend on yourself. Yet, you will exclusively rely on yourself, therefore perfect planning is imperative.

Check this article, it'll help you plan your trip and reduce costs with practical advice based on our experience of more than a decade in the domain of budget travel!






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