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Trinidad and Tobago or "Trinbago"

Small islands called Trinidad and Tobago form a state just off the coast of Venezuela.

Beautiful beaches and lots of green is what Trinidad and Tobago have to offer you.

Most attractions are on the large island of Trinidad, which comprising 93 % of the total land area and 96 % of the total population.

This country is overlooked, forgotten or even avoided by travelers for the following reasons: poor tourism infrastructure (few good quality facilities and services), few people know about this interesting country, high rate of crime, few flight connections and expensive tickets.

Attractions of Trinidad and Tobago

Many carnivals, festivals are held in the country, most of them in the capital, Port of Spain.

Wildlife watching (birds, turtles, fish & coral reefs), swimming, festival attending are among the main activities you can have in Trinidad and Tobago. Now let's see where you can go... There is a rich bird sanctuary called the Caroni Bird Sanctuary and, if you are skilled, you can go diving to explore the natural Bucco Reef to see splendid corals and colourful fish, then you might want to take a walk in the Port of Spain Botanical Garden...

Interesting to know...

- the name "Trinidad" comes from the word "Holy Trinity", the name given to the island in 1498 by Christopher Columbus

- most of the population is of African and Amerindian descent, but there are many immigrants from the Middle East and Asia

- 22 % of Trinidad and Tobago's population has Hindu religion and 5 % are muslims

Travel risks & precautions

- kidnapping for ransom is unfortunately a great concern, therefore we recommend you to travel in groups, avoid dangerous-looking neighbourhoods.

- pickpockets, thieves are abundant, make sure you take extra precautions, avoid looking rich, don't wear costly clothes and conceal your jewelry, money, electronic equipment if unnecessary, better don't take it with you (such as portable MP3 players, video cameras, etc.), a simple digital camera should be enough for you

- street and night club violence is also a real problem, make sure you avoid gang-looking groups and avoid getting into any conflict with the locals, Trinidad and Tobago has one of the highest rates of murder in the World

- get vaccines before you travel to Trinidad and Tobago, common health diseases are: yellow fever (primarily transmitted by insects, such as flies, mosquitoes), parasitic illnesses, airborne and waterborne diseases, rabies spread by local animals, malaria

- medical insurance is a "must have", so are medicine and many personal healthcare items, all these due to the poor healthcare system of the country


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