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Madeira, Portugal's Flower Garden

A subtropical island in the Atlantic Ocean, north of the Canary Islands, west of Morocco. Closer to Africa than to Europe, but despite this, Madeira belongs to Portugal.

The Madeira Islands are a group of islands, rather than a single piece of land, but the main (largest) one of them is also called Madeira. This is where the capital Funchal is located with over 100.000 inhabitants.

Why Madeira?

In contradiction with the Balearic and the Canary Islands, this archipelago is more quiet, attracting youngsters and elderly as well. No disco noise, very few sandy beaches for sunbathing, quietness and untouched nature is almost everywhere and so are many vacation homes and cheap hotels.

The archipelago consists of 2 inhabited islands: Madeira and Porto Santo. Madeira is the main island, very mountainous and with deep forests, it is the biggest island with the administrative capital of Funchal on it, which also has a frequented international airport. Porto Santo is a smaller island, but less mountainous, less green, but with sandy beaches and therefore many youngsters.

If you travel to Madeira, you will have the chance to visit beautiful deep inland forests, see lots of sea cliffs, visit the many and beautiful flower and exotic plant gardens, enjoy local delicacies and take photos of the beautiful landscape.

Things to know about Madeira

- the last Austrian Emperor Karl I. and King of Hungary, Karl IV. is buried at the Monte Church, located on a mountain on the outskirts of Funchal

- Funchal is rich in plants, flowers and has a beautiful Botanical Garden and also a Tropical Garden, which you must visit when there

- over 80 % of the Madeira Island is covered by forests, making it greener than Finland even (which only has 65 % forest coverage)!

- the Madeira Islands are less frequented by tourists, therefore a great place for getting away and having quietness

Travel risks & precautions

- the are no particular illnesses, no major problems regarding your security either


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