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Andorra, a tiny state in the Pyrenees

A tiny country that many don't even know exists.

It is between Spain and France in the Pyrenees Mountains and is an independent tiny state living primarily out of tourism and other branches of the service sector.

Getting there might be slower, because there is not major international airport nearby. But, there are good bus connections either from France or Spain.

Why Andorra is interesting to visit

Slightly bigger than Malta, but smaller than Singapore, Andorra is a popular destination for winter sport lovers, such as skiers and mountain hikers.

Scenic sites and the capital city of Andorra La Vella are interesting for the curious tourist.

What you should know about Andorra

- Catalan is the official language of Andorra, but French and Spanish is also widely spoken

- despite the official language status of the Catalan language, only 33 % of the Andorrans are ethnic Catalan, the rest are Spaniards, French, but even Italians and Britons, as well as immigrants from countries far far away

- Andorra has the 2nd highest human life expectancy in the World and is of 83 years

- just over 70.000 people live in this tiny state

- more than 10 million people visit Andorra every year, this contributes over 80 % to the country's GDP

Travel risks & precautions

- pickpockets and thieves are immigrants from Eastern European countries are not as frequent as in Spain or Italy, but you should take precautions at crowded places, such as shopping centers and public transportation stations, buses

- there are no major epidemics, nor are there any dangerous contagious diseases


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