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Terms of Use

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Terms of Use

Free usage

The usage of the site is entirely free. This does not include advertising. Our services offered to advertisers are generally paid.


No membership does not require membership of any kind.


Informative content is an informative website.



We offer informative content and we also offer advertising services. The latter category is generally paid.



Our website offers paid ad space to those willing to promote their products and services online.

We only place travel-related advertisements on our site.

Advertising is either paid or negotiated free listing. We are open to ad-for-ad arrangements, which we are willing to agree upon, if we consider it is beneficial to our business.


No responsibilities, no guarantees

We are not responsible and we offer no guarantees regarding the accuracy, correctness of our content.

We have no responsibilities and therefore we do not guarantee anything regarding the activity/content whatsoever of 3rd parties.

















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