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Put together a solitary short escape!

Some of us can only travel alone, others even like it. There are some tremendous advantages to it as well, you just read below and see.

Unfortunately, as this happens, there are some downturns as well when travelling alone...

Why travel alone?

You take all the decisions and it costs less than travelling with your mate, friend or business partner. We all know this.

The biggest advantage is that all you need is for a single person. You won't have to get a certain number of tickets. The minimum you can get is a single place and if that is available, then it's all you need.

Lonely travelers are more keen on flexible travelling, thus the resulting costs will be lower. You will get faster from one place to another, will need a single hotel room and less nights to stay. 

Disadvantages of travelling alone

Certainly you will not have a close person to talk to and you will have to enjoy the trip all by yourself. For those of you who love individual freedom, this is great for you!

In some cases you will pay more than you should: double hotel rooms are often sold for individuals, regardless of the fact that they are alone in the room, the price will be full.

It is also quite dangerous. To some destinations it is good to travel in group. A lonely traveler, such as a backpacker is always exposed to tremendous risks, dangers. There is no-one to help you.

How to plan & build a cheap solo trip?

You will have to look at the key elements, aspects of travelling individually.


Time frame

How long your trip will last depends on the distance to the destination, the time zone, climate, the number of attractions you want to visit as well as the distance between them, but accessibility should also be taken into account.

It is recommended that you write down every detail. Hoe long transportation will take, how much time you need to accommodate to the time zone, climate, etc.

Individually you will need less time than in group.

The best thing is to stay about 2 weeks, wherever you go. You can visit 2-3 countries in this little time. According to our experience, this length is also ideal from the point of view of packing. You can take all you really need, but not too much so that you don't carry a lot of excessive items.

Planning months ahead is a smart idea. If possible, you can make free airline and hotel reservations, while searching for better offers. Finally, you select the services that are the cheapest and the most adequate for your needs.



Means of transportation, the distances, the fares are the main factors to take account of.

Individuals are not as sensible to transportation as groups. You can move around faster and bear the conditions of

We recommend you to travel on foot within the city, using as little internal transportation services as possible. This reduces costs. If you are travelling to rural areas, then choose a rental car, scooter, bicycle, horse, camel or anything that can ensure you mobility at a very low cost. If not necessary, we recommend you to avoid car rental. It can cost you hundreds of dollars for less than a week and your budget will have to support that.

In Western Europe, the USA or Japan, one can spend up to 25 $/day on subways, buses, etc. Not counting the transportation costs from and to the airport. Make sure you avoid taxis, take rail or buses instead in order to pay less and get better security.

On short routes you will often have low cost airlines at your disposal. Take advantage of their low fares. But, if you travel between continents, you will almost never have this possibility.



Aim to spend max. 40-45 Euros or less than 50-60 $ a night. This should be your maximum limit at a normal hotel. Much of what is below will be poor, dirty, unsafe, etc.

You will not need to spend above these numbers.

Search for single hotel rooms, but in most cases you will only be offered double. Then you will have to take it, but find out if there are discounts for single persons sleeping in a double room.

Avoid using the minibars, avoid watching the TV, as well as consuming anything and using any equipment that costs. A simple drink can cost you up to 3-5 $ extra. Make sure that the internet service inside the hotel is free. Some hotels will charge you.

Low cost airlines sometimes offer you hotel service as well.


Additional services

Museum entrance tickets, guided tours and others are in this category.

Calculate before you travel how long you are willing to pay for all these fees, fares, etc. Some cities are very rich in such attractions and therefore your costs will be higher as well. Always put a little more than you think you will need, because prices are subject to change and, you might run into new attractions as well.

Discounted travel packages

It's an opportunity you have to keep on your "to check list".

Everything sold in package is cheaper. Get hotels and flights in one and you will take less out of your wallet. But, the disadvantage is that the agent or the airline selling the package will put what it wants in it. You won't have much choice than to take it or leave it. Some companies might use the image "discount" to put something down your throat. Something you wouldn't buy. Like: you get a flight and a cheap, but poor quality hotel room and at the time of the booking you have the impression you have hit the jackpot. But, at arrival you notice that the services are poorer than you've imagined.

Booking individually is best for having full control, but is difficult to coordinate hotel check-in, flight arrival, flight departure... And to make it cheap is even harder.


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