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About Us

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About Us

Trip Tonix is a travel portal aiming to bring something new to the online travel information seeker internaut.

Instead of focusing on general travel, our aims are to:


Share new opportunities: offer information about rarely treated subjects, such as providing travel guides to rarely visited, yet exciting destinations

Offer access to important sites: from our main page you will be able to access a number of travel-related sites listed under categories

Display fresh travel deals: on our "Travel Deals" section we display a list of fresh affordable travel deals available on a number of websites, in order to help you choose

Provide free travel advice: you can obtain tips, advice about destinations, health, security, etc.

Provide budget travel advice: since the global recession has started, new ways of reducing costs is necessary, therefore are we here to help you!

Offer powerful advertising solutions for travel sites: good placement of contextual ads without limiting performance (the number of visitors)!






















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